Let’s be honest, not everyone’s budget allows for new clothing every season. Heck, some of those budgets aren’t likely to go very far. It’s therefore difficult to rationalize spending money on even more clothes. As a result, you must be a little canny and cautious about how you spend your money. Clothes might be viewed as a social construct, but they are still important as they are a way to communicate who you are. So here are eight ways to save money on clothes and still stay fashionable.

1. Buy fewer quality clothes

how to save money on clothes
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Do you find yourself needing to go shopping for new clothes every so often? It’s probably because you buy cheap, low-quality clothes that quickly get out of shape and fashion. 

Clothes made from high-quality fabric are classy, fit better, and last longer.

You, therefore, don’t need too many clothes. After all, the 80/20 rule of clothing suggests that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. The rest just sit in your wardrobe.

2. Find out what works for your body

Identify what works for your physique (right now!) and what styles you enjoy wearing, then go out and find them. 

Knowing your style helps you avoid buying clothes that end up sitting in your wardrobe for ages.

It is, therefore, an integral part of saving money. Clothes are meant to fit you, so recognize what works for you and focus on those aspects and styles. This is probably the best way to save money on clothes and still stay fashionable. 

3. Buy second-hand clothes

how to save money on clothing
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People who buy expensive things that they can’t really afford always find themselves selling them. And where does this stuff end up? At thrift stores.

It’s therefore highly likely that you’ll find high-quality gems at second-hand stores. 

Choosing to buy second hand has several benefits: 

  • it gets you quality clothes
  • you get to contribute towards conserving the environment  
  • all while saving a fortune. 

You’ll be looking fabulous too for less.

4. Swap, trade, or sell old ones to get new ones

Whenever you want to add some new items to your wardrobe, consider using your current items to get what you want. 

Clean out your closet and figure out what you have and, more importantly, what you don’t have. Put aside everything that doesn’t fit or that you haven’t worn in a long time. Then, reorganize everything, so it’s easy to view.

Now start exchanging or trading these clothes with friends (or on the internet) and sell anything in good shape to help fund future purchases. You’d be shocked at how simple this is. You could also look for groups on Facebook and join them. 

5. Rent clothes for special occasions

Clothes for special occasions are super expensive. Yet you only wear an outfit once, or maybe twice, and then don’t want to wear it for another occasion. So for the next event, you’ll go shopping for yet another expensive outfit.

These ‘special occasion’ clothes always end up sitting wasted in the wardrobe.  

I’d therefore recommend renting clothes for such occasions. You’ll save a great deal of money considering how expensive the clothes are. 

You’ll also have the option to choose another outfit for your next event without any guilt. 

6. Repair your clothes.

how to save money on clothes
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Remember when I suggested buying fewer quality clothes(see tip #1)? In addition, to saving money, having fewer clothes helps you take good care of them. 

Instead of throwing away clothes due to minor issues, quickly resolve them using a bit of thread and a needle as soon as you notice them. After all, a stitch in time saves nine. 

Replace missing buttons, stitch up loose seams, and repair small tears to get more life out of your outfits.

Be sure to read the care labels to be able to clean them at proper temperatures and avoid shrinkage. 

7. Avoid Fast Fashion

Stop picking up random items just because you’re in a store. It’s called fast fashion for a reason, and the goal is for you to buy more than you need and get rid of it as soon as possible!

However, this should no longer be your goal; instead, what you want to do is spend less on clothing and invest in your wardrobe over time.

So, the next time that $17 shirt appears to be a good deal, remember that $17 could go a long way towards getting you your dream winter coat or a pair of summer shoes. 

8. Buy out of season

To clear stock from their stores, retailers put out-of-season clothing on clearance.

These clothes often sell at ridiculous discounts of up to 70%.

So buying out-of-season apparel, for example, a coat in May or a bikini in December can save you a lot of money. Clothes are expensive, and if you can get such a discount for an item that you’ll ultimately need, it’s worth considering the purchase. 


So there you have it. 

That concludes my eight tips on how to save money on clothes and still stay fashionable. 

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