Hey there, I’m glad you’re here!

I am a 20 something-year-old who’s been appalled by the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the economy.

2020 will be remembered as the year when many experienced a drop in income and others entirely lost their jobs due to business closures and unemployment.

While there’s a lot to detest about 2020, for me, the pandemic has been a wake-up call. Having gone through a furlough in 2017, I have been acutely conscious that it could happen again during this crisis.

I have, therefore, embarked on self-reflection to be more aware of my financial situation. I intend to improve my spending habits, save more, and make better investment decisions in order to reach my financial goals.

I wish the same for you, and thus the purpose of this blog; To share what I have learned and to help you achieve better control of your finances.

Join me, and let’s achieve financial freedom together.



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